More Munchkin on the Way

November 8, 2020 - 8:51am

The Op (aka USAOpoly) has released the newest game in the Munchkin line, Munchkin: Disney.  Steve Jackson is credited as the game’s designer but no artist is credited.  The game plays 3-6 players, ages 10 and up, in 40-60 minutes.

In this version of Munchkin, which the OP is billing as “the most magical version of Steve Jackson Games’ classic role-playing card game yet,” the players have their choice of roles from villains, heroes, and sidekicks.  Then, they must equip themselves before heading off to defeat monsters to get to level 10 in order to win the game.  The game still has a lot of interaction as players can negotiate with each other or activate their cards “Disney Magic,” which is a benefit given to the player that uses it.

Munchkin: Disney is available at your friendly local game store now or available from the OP’s website here.  For further information about the game, be sure to read about it here.