More Maglev Metro Maps

January 6, 2022 - 12:01pm

Bezier Games has announced that Maglev Metro is issuing new maps for London and Paris.  Maglev Metro is designed by Ted Alspach with artwork supplied by Alanna Kelsey and Ollin Timm.  The game plays 1-4 players, ages 14 and up, with a play time of 60-90 minutes.

Two new maps for 2022 had previously been announced, Maglev Metro: Mechs and Monorails, so with the announcement of the London and Paris maps, there will be 4 new maps for the base game coming out in 2022.

The London map allows players to start with extra passengers, activating more areas on their player boards.  The London map is divided into districts, adding a new mechanic to the game, in which players need to unlock the districts to be able to build tracks there.  In addition, the unlock districts extension modifies the player boards so that instead of unlocking passenger colors, players unlock districts.

The Paris map brings in striking workers at various locations on the map.  The union bosses strike at a different station every few turns, shutting down all business at affected stations: trains zip right on past the stations and passengers cannot be picked up or dropped off until they reopen.  The bosses have published a strike schedule allowing the players to plan ahead or they can choose to defy the picket lines as a strike breaker, saving them time, but costing them victory points.

Be on the lookout for these new maps in the new year!