More Cartographers content available via Kickstarter

October 28, 2020 - 12:02pm

Cartographers Heroes Game

Thunderworks Games has more Cartographers content for your map-drawing endeavors in the Roll Player universe. Their campaign for Cartographers Heroes successfully funded on Kickstarter, and currently is accepting late pledges. Cartographers Heroes is a standalone expansion for the flip and write game about exploring unchartered territories. 

In both games, each player has a map that they will fill in with terrain types based on flips from the explore deck of cards. The game is divided into four seasons, each of which ends with a scoring phase. 

For those familiar with Cartographers, the new game brings 16 new scoring cards, 4 new ambush cards, 4 new hero cards in the explore deck to draw on your map sheet to destroy monsters, and 2 new map sheets. Cartographers Heroes comes in a retail version or a collector's edition. The latter features colored pencils, map pack expansions, a larger box, and a custom insert. The campaign is also an opportunity to obtain ala carte add-ons for new map packs, a playmat, colored pencils, skills expansions, ambush promos, and the base game.

The base game of Cartographers is designed by Jordy Adan. Heroes adds John Brieger to the design team. The art in Cartographers Heroes is by Davey BakerLuis Francisco, and Lucas Ribeiro. Thunderworks Games anticipates fulfilling the Kickstarter in July 2021.