mondo Games announces Disney Shadowed Kingdom

September 19, 2020 - 8:54pm

Mondo Games has announced the fast, two-player cooperative card game Disney Shadowed Kingdom by Darth RimmerDusty WatkinsTravis Watkins of Imp House Games. In Shadowed Kingdoms, the 20 card deck is divided between the two players. Each player places two cards facedown to the middle, creating a 2x2 grid of cards. Then, with a 2 card and, players place one of their cards next to the grid and push along a row or column, ejecting a card from the other side. In one direction, the revealed card is played, and in the other direction, the revealed card is ejected from the game. Cards can increase either the Magic or Shadow tracks – players win if the Magic track reaches the end (space 6) and lose if the Shadow track does the same. Players also receive a Disney Hero token at the start of the game, giving them special abilities.

Disney Shadowed Kingdoms has fantastic art from Marcel Mercado and comes with 24 cards, 6 hero tiles, two tokens and a tracker. For more information, visit Mondo’s webpage here.

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