Mombasia is being reimplemented as Skymines

April 13, 2022 - 2:04pm

Skymines is an upcoming release that reimplements Alexander Pfister's Mombasa. In Mombasa, players took on the role of investors managing shares in four chartered companies exploiting the resources of Africa. In Skymines, one to four players try to accumulate as much CrypCoin as possible by investing in four different companies that are mining the moon and asteroid belt for resources. 

The gameplay of Skymines is familiar to its predecessor. Each player has a hand of action cards they will select from to determine their activity for the round. Players can acquire new cards from a rotating market. Players can increase their shares in one of the four companies, as well as increase the value of those shares. There is also a research track for scientific progress and a tank track for storing helium-3, as alternative means of scoring. These fundamentals have direct parallels in the gameplay of Mombasa.

Beyond the retheme, what Skymines brings to the table is a campaign mode, multiple modules, and a double-sided board, with one side that changes up company expansion. 

Skymines is being published by Deep Print Games and distributed by Pegasus Spiele, with a projected release date of Q3 2022. It is designed by Alexander Pfister and Viktor Kobilke, with art by Javier González Cava.