Minion Games Picked Up By Grail Games

April 24, 2021 - 3:44pm

Manhattan Project Energy Empire

Minion Games has transferred publishing of Manhattan Project and Energy Empires to Grail Games.  The owner of Minion Games, James Mathe, passed away and the Kickstarter campaign for Manhattan Project: Energy Empire Cold War expansion has been in stasis. With the assumption of the rights to the Manhattan Project and Energy Empires' family of games, Grail Games has stepped in to finish running the Kickstarter campaign as David Harding has been added to the project administration.  Grail Games will be responsible for getting the rewards from the Kickstarter campaign into the backer’s hands.

Manhattan Project: Energy Empire is a well-regarded worker placement game and the Cold War expansion builds on its premise of uncertain global events, industrialization, pollution, and how these factors impact the environment.  The expansion adds multiple modules to the base game to vary the game play.

There is no firm deadline at this point as to when the Manhattan Project: Energy Empire Cold War expansion is going to deliver as Grail Games is just starting their journey with the project, but there is hope on the horizon for the backers who have been patiently waiting since 2019 for this Kickstarter to fulfill.