Masterprint Mini Releases

February 26, 2022 - 2:43pm

Quined Games has announced that they are going to add three new games and an expansion set to their Masterprint Mini series.  The new releases include:

  • Animalia: Preventing Extinction - Designed by Gerben Ernst and Michiel Justin Elliott Hendriks with artwork provided by Loïc Billiau, this is a cooperative trick-taking game in which the players are attempting to conduct research on endangered animals.  The game plays 1-3 players, ages 8 and up, and has a playtime of 30 minutes.

  • Legends of Hellas - Designed by Pierre Knockaert with artwork supplied by Loïc Billiau and Bartel Bruneel, this is another cooperative game.  In this game, the players work together as heroes to defeat mythological monsters.  However, the players cannot see each other’s cards!  The game plays 1-3 players, ages 8 and up, and has a playtime of 10-20 minutes

  • Agropolis - An expansion to the highly regarded Sprawlopolis, this game is designed by Steven Aramini, Danny Devine, and Paul Kluka with artwork supplied by Loïc Billiau and Danny Devine.  New gameplay features help offset overly-powerful scoring combos and layer additional attributes onto certain types of terrain, providing even greater depth of gameplay without sacrificing the original’s signature elegance.

The expansion for the Masterprint Mini series contains 9 expansions consisting of 35 cards that expand the first 4 Masterprint Mini titles in our series:

  • Sprawlopolis: Beaches (4 cards)

  • Sprawlopolis: Construction Zones (4 cards)

  • Sprawlopolis: Interstate (4 cards)

  • Sprawlopolis: Points of Interest (1 card)

  • Sprawlopolis: Wrecktar (1 card)

  • Circle the Wagons: Lone Cowboy (6 cards)

  • Circle the Wagons: Lone Cowboy Rides Again (3 cards)

  • Stew: Fungus Among Us (6 cards)

  • Tussie Mussie: Flower Shoppe (6 cards)

For further information, be sure and check the Quined Games website here.