Marvel Champions scenario pack pits you against Kang the Conqueror

July 19, 2020 - 4:37pm

Kang Marvel Champions

Fantasy Flight Games has announced The Once and Future Kang, an upcoming scenario pack for Marvel Champions: The Card Game. The Once and Future Kang is unlike any scenario before. Players will begin battling Kang in the present day. Once they advance past stage one, Kang will scatter each hero to a different setting in the multiverse. One hero could find themself in antient Egypt, while another is in the Chronopolis of the future. Waiting for the heroes in their destination will be an alternate version of Kang that the heroes will need to vanquish individually to reuinite in the present day for a final showdown.  

This scenario pack includes three modular encounter sets that can be added into this scenario or any other scenario. Increase the replayability of any Marvel Champions scenario by having out of time foes, such as a Tyrannosaurus Rex in Central Park. Additionally, Kang can meddle in your affairs with the Master of Time modular set, or send in his personal guard, the Anachronauts.

The Once and Future Kang is designed by Michael BoggsNate French, and Caleb Grace. They have designed much of the content previously released for the game. The Once and Future Kang is scheduled to release in October 2020.