Mark Tuck announces Forage, the sequel to solitaire games Orchard and Grove

November 18, 2022 - 8:28pm

In early 2018, designer and artist Mark Tuck created the print-and-play solitaire game Orchard, combining a 9-card micro-deck card game with dice. Cards are placed so that like-colored citrus trees overlap, and dice are used as counters to track the growing fruit. This was followed by Grove in 2021, using a similar system but changing the rules around. Physical versions of both games crowdfunded last November for nearly $50,000. Tuck’s own description of the two games is: “Orchard is a more relaxing experience, here you can zone out if you want to, whereas Grove, which has greater variety in its gameplay, can be a little more 'thinky'.”

And now, the designer has announced Forage, the final game in the trilogy, combining the best features of Grove and Orchard. Forage features different types of woodland areas, where you'll find wild blackberries, sweet chestnuts and edible mushrooms. Some cards contain dual spaces, and the custom dice include hungry mice. Look for Forage to first appear as a print and play soon.

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