Mandala Stones from Board&Dice coming in 2021

August 24, 2020 - 5:02pm

A mandala is a geometric configuration of symbols. Publisher Board&Dice has announced Mandala Stones, an abstract pattern building game arriving next year. Two to four players will collaboratively create an artistic arrangement of colored stones, while competing to have the most victory points.

The stones come in four different colors and have one of two different patterns on them. There are also four artist pawns, two for each of the patterns on the stones. To setup, stacks of four random stones are placed in designated spaces on the main board, along with the artist pawns in their designated spaces. On each player's turn, they can do one of two actions: (1) pick stones, moving them from the main board to their personal player board; or (2) score stones on their personal player board, which moves them to the collective mandala board. To pick stones, a player moves one of the artist pawns to an unoccupied space and collects the top stone of each adjacent stack that is not adjacent to another artist pawn and matches the pattern of the artist moved. Players also have a choice in how they score stones from their player board, either scoring based on color or from the top of the stacks on their player board. 

Mandala Stones is designed by Filip Głowacz, with art by Zbigniew Umgelter.