Make your city wonderous with the Ancient Wonders expansion for Origins: First Builders

September 14, 2022 - 9:41am

Origins: First Builders, designed by Adam Kwapinski with artwork by Zbigniew Umgelter and Aleksander Zawada, was first published by Board & Dice in 2021. And now to add more goodness to the game, the publisher has announced the release of its first expansion, Origins: Ancient Wonders. The expansion adds two new modules to the Origins: First Builders game which can be added in separately or mixed together.

The first module adds in eight Ancient Wonders, a majestic new building type that can be added to your city. These wonders, such as “Great Pyramid of Giza” and “Hanging Gardens of Babylon” will add more variability and options to the game. The second module adds in end-of-round scoring objectives that require you to balance your personal goals with those required by the current round objective. It also sets a predetermined game length, eliminating all the other game-end mechanisms.

Origins: Ancient Wonders is expected to have an October 2022 release date.

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