Lost Ruins of Arnak from CGE will let players delve into uncharted territory

July 3, 2020 - 9:05am

Czech Games Edition (CGE) has announced Lost Ruins of Arnak, an upcoming board game that blends deck-building and worker placement. One to four players lead competing expeditions to a mysterious island with traces of a great civilization. As players discover the island, new worker placement spots will become available. Players have one action per turn, and must decide whether to use their cards to place a worker, gain resources, or deploy equipment or found artifacts. CGE indicates the setup for the game will be variable, due to the variety of worker actions, equipment, and artifacts, which suggests increased replayability. 

Lost Ruins of Arnak is designed by Michaela "Mín" Štachová and Michal "Elwen" Štach. The art is by Jiří KlusOndrej HrdinaJakub PolitzerFrantišek Sedláček, and Milan Vavroň. CGE anticipates a Q4 2020 retail release. The theme of this one has an Uncharted vibe, if you are a fan of the video game series.