Lone Shark Games announces 10th anniversary Lords of Vegas on KS

May 5, 2020 - 12:39am

Way back in 2010, Mike Selinker (Pathfinder Adventure Card Game) and James Ernest (Kill Doctor Lucky) collaborated to make the classic board game Lords of Vegas. Universally acclaimed, Lords of Vegas currently sits in the top 400 games on BoardGameGeek and is considered an evergreen staple for everybody’s board game collection. This game combines dice rolling, area control, and some pretty intense strategy, as players jockey to control casinos. And now, celebrating the 10th anniversary of this wonderful game, Lone Shark Games has started a Kickstarter Campaign to reprint Lords of Vegas, along with the difficult to find Up! Expansion, along with a new second expansion, Underworld.

Lords of Vegas has 2-6 players creating the den of scum and villainy that is the Las Vegas Strip, starting in 1940, when naught but hotels and poker clubs were there. The board is divided into a square grid of property lots along the strip, each with a cost to build. Casinos are represented by tiles in 6 flavors, each with a slot for the owner’s die. Like colored casino tiles next to each other form a single casino, and the pip value of each die reflects ownership stake in the casino, with the highest pip value belonging to the “boss”. Each round a drawn card assigns ownership of lots to players, then dictates which of the 6 casino types pay out, earning each die holder money, and the “boss” of each casino victory points. Then, on their turn, a player can do as much as they like from 5 actions. Players can build new casinos on lots they own. They can sprawl out the casinos they already own to take over new adjacent lots. Players can remodel, changing the color/type of a casino. Players can reorganize, rerolling all the dice within a single casino, possible changing the “boss”. But, all of these actions cost money, sometimes quite a lot of money. And so, finally, players can go gamble at another player’s casino, rolling the bones for the chance to win cold hard cash. Buried in the bottom quarter of the card deck is a Game Over card that instantly ends the game, making the player with the most victory points the ultimate Lord of Vegas.

Lords of Vegas comes with board, 48 casino tiles in 6 colors, 55 cards, 40 player markers, 48 dice and paper money. The Campaign has options to receive the Base Game, the first expansion UP!, and the new second expansion Underworld. Backers can additionally purchase poker chips to replace the paper money, a player mat, or even a large leather briefcase version to hold all of this wonderful masterpiece in one place. The Kickstarter Campaign for Lords of Vegas continues through May 14, and the game is expected to deliver in November 2020.

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