Llama pickup and deliver game P'achakuna on KS

November 3, 2020 - 11:02pm

“In Quencha, the language of the Andes, the word P’achakuna means ‘textiles’. The dyeing of alpaca and llama wool with natural resources has a long tradition in Bolivia/Peru and is still practiced today.”

Treecer, the publisher behind the 2018 Kickstarter project Darwin’s Choice, has announced a new campaign for P’achakuna, a two-player pickup and deliver game taking place in the South American Andes. P’achakuna was developed by two game design students from Zurich University of the Arts, Stefan KraftMoreno Vogel, and the producers at Treecer knew they had something special as soon as they saw it, adding impressive artwork from Johanna Tarkela.

In P’achakuna, players navigate their llamas across the board from village to village, trading colored cloth. Each village has preferential demand for the varied colors, and the first player to collect all 7 wins the game. The board is really what makes P’achakuna shine – the modular board is comprised of double layer hexagonal pieces, half of which is a raised mountain path, while the other half is a green valley. The player controlling the black llama can only travel along the mountain sides, while the white llama can only go through the valleys. Players can use extra resources to buy more llamas, or rotate the hexagons each turn, creating and destroying strategic paths.

Treecer as a company has always found it important to be sustainable and socially aware, and to this end, they have partnered with the Suyana Foundation, giving back to rural areas of Peru and Boliva. Each Kickstarter copy of P’achakuna will come with an exclusive handmade fabric bag, capable of storing the whole game, created in a Bolivian local community. P’achakuna comes with 54 terrain tiles, 1 central village, 6 frame pieces, 42 demand tiles, 6 wooden llamas, 57 wooden resources, and a handmade fabric bag. Plush llamas are also available. The Kickstarter for P’achakuna continues through December 2, and the game is expected to ship in June of 2021.

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