Life's a Beach

April 25, 2022 - 2:22pm

Plan B Games has announced Maui, the next abstract game in their Next Move Games line of games. In Maui, two to four players each have their own individual strand of beach they are trying to fill with tourists by placing patterned towels in the manner that will score them the most points.

On your turn, you may buy a towel from the market with sand dollars to place on your beach. Alternatively, you can take all of the sand dollars from either row of the market. Towels have three sections, each with their own pattern. When you buy a towel and place it on your beach, you must match at least one pattern with the towel that's rightmost on your beach board. Each match you make will advance you on that pattern's scoring track. Your beach has seven rows, with the top being shady and the bottom being next to the ocean. The rows closer to the top and bottom edge score more than the middle. You can place a towel so that one of its sections overhangs off the top or bottom row of your beach, but you will be penalized.  

There are two modular variants for your player board. One places umbrellas in certain spots on your beach, and placing towels in those spots provides you with a bonus. The other variant is for sand crabs show up in certain spots on your beach. Placing towels on those spots will incur a penalty and nullifies the section of the towl with the sand crab on it. 

Maui is designed by Frank CrittinGrégoire Largey, and Sébastien Pauchon, with art by Chris Quilliams. It is scheduled for a retail release this summer.