Libellud Acquired by Asmodee

July 17, 2020 - 11:24am
Lillebud Asmodee
Asmodee (who else) has announced its acquisition of French board game studio Libellud, who has published several well-known and award winning board games such as DixitMysterium and Dice Forge.
Libellud was founded in 2008 in Poiters by Regis Bonnessee and has become one of the most awarded publishers in the world with several million games sold, with a focus on producing family-friendly games. Asmodee has had a long standing partnership with Libellud and distributes their products in many countries.
"For 12 years, we have been developing innovative games to inspire people's imaginations to share and dream, ultimately leading to the creation of unique universes.  The Asmodee Group is a partner with whom we have been working since the beginning of our adventure and which shares our values.  We are very proud that Libellud joins the great Asmodee family, with many exciting new projects ahead of us." - Regis Bonessee, the founder of Libellud. 
"We are delighted to welcome Libellud into the Group. Since its creation, Libellud has continuously demonstrated its great talent as a publisher of a distincitve catalogue merging innovative rules and unique graphic designs.  This acquisition is the logical outcome of a fruitful collaboration that has been going on for 10 years." - Stephane Carville, CEO of Asmodee Group.
Regis Bonessee will be leaving Libellud to develop other entrepreneurial projects.  Mathieu Aubert, who has worked closely with Regis for over five years, will take over leadership of the studio.

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