Let's Go Fly Kites

June 13, 2022 - 11:38am

Kites is an upcoming real-time cooperative game from Floodgate Games. Two to six players will attempt to keep five kites flying. Each kite is represented by a different-colored sand timer. Players take turns playing cards that depict one or two kite colors, in order to flip the corresponding sand timer. The goal of the game is to make it through the 53 card kite deck before any of the sand timers run out. The game also includes challenge cards to mix up the gameplay. Keep those kites flying!

Each kite sand timer is labeled with a different kite style symbol. Each card has an illustration of a flying kite in the center, and the color-matched kite symbol(s) in the upper left and upper right corners. The colors used in the flying kite illustration match the kite symbols on the card. 

Kites is designed by Kevin Hamano, with art by the inimitable Beth Sobel (Cascadia, Calico, Wingspan). Floodgate Games anticipates a retail release on July 12, 2022.