Lawyer Up, a 2 player courtroom card game on KS

March 30, 2020 - 9:56pm

Lawyer Up is an asymmetric 2-player courtroom drama card game currently on Kickstarter from designers Samuel Bailey (Forbidden Stars), Mike Gnade (Maximum Apocalypse) and publisher Rock Manor Games. In Lawyer Up, one player takes on the role of the prosecution, while the other takes on the role of the defense. Players draw evidence cards, making public items that help their case, while burying incriminating evidence that could hurt. This drafted evidence is shuffled together with the players’ argument and procedure deck. In the trial proper, players call witnesses, then play related arguments and evidence. Cohesive arguments are made by chaining cards together with matching symbols. Cards then score influence, used to sway the jury. Two cases are included, Art Forgery and Murder.

Lawyer Up comes with 26 Defense cards, 26 Prosecution cards, 12 jury cards, Bias, Objection, Sidebar and Discredit tokens, 2 influence dials and a judge card. Also included is a 40 card Art Forgery case, and an 89 card Murder Case. Two historic expansions, a 1600s witch trial case, and a 1920s godfather case are also available. The Kickstarter for Lawyer Up continues through April 9, and the game is expected to deliver to backers in March 2021.

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