Last Aurora is getting a modular expansion

July 8, 2021 - 10:48am

Pendragon Game Studio has announced the second expansion for Last Aurora, which will be Last Aurora: Frozen Steel. The expansion contains five independent and compatible modules that can be mixed and matched with previous content. In Last Aurora, one to four players are competitively racing across a post-apocalyptic tundra to get survivors to Aurora, an icebreaker ship that can provide sanctuary. Each player controls a convoy and crew that will explore locations, recruit survivors to their crew, and fight enemies as they navigate treacherous roads by managing fuel, food, and ammunition. 

Last Aurora: Frozen Steel adds: 

  • 4 starting crew with asymmetrical abilities;
  • a set of powerful new enemies;
  • a set of new exploration cards;
  • player versus player set, enabling players to attack each other's convoys; and
  • narrative story cards, giving players choice events to resolve.

Last Aurora and Last Aurora: Frozen Steel both are designed by Mauro Chiabotto with art by Davide Corsi. The expansion is scheduled for a retail release later in 2021. Pendragon Game Studio is the original publisher, and Ares Games is handling the English edition release.