KeyForge Adventures adds cooperative play

March 17, 2021 - 9:41pm

KeyForge Adventures

Fantasy Flight Games are adding cooperative and solo play in two free-to-play adventures to their popular KeyForge game. The expansion uses the themes and mechanisms found in the KeyForge: Dark Tidings set. Players use the existing KeyForge decks in their collection to tackle multiple difficulty levels as they're taken to the depths of the Crucible's oceans to face epic monsters and cunning cultists. Both of these adventures, Rise of the Keyraken and The Abyssal Conspiracy replace the players opponent with an automated deck from which they draw when their opponent would usually take their turn.

The first adventure pits players against the Keyraken, a powerful creature that absorbs the psychic power of Æmber and can move the ocean by will. Players need to work together to stop the Keyraken from rising to the surface where it will rain devastation upon civlization.

After defeating the Keyraken, the players ship is crippled by a mysterious saboteur who escapes before justice can be served. In this second adventure, players navigate a grid of nine locations using a shared Æmber pool to travel as they descend into the ocean's depths to uncover the conspiracy and find a way to end their villainy.

KeyForge Adventures will be available as a free download in the coming weeks with Rise of the Keyraken available in late April, and The Abyssal Conspiracy available in May. Read the original article on the Fantasy Flight website for more information.

Antoine Fortuin

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