Just One... So Clover... and now... Fun Facts!

September 12, 2022 - 9:46am

Repos Production's next party game will be Fun Facts, designed by Kasper Lapp (Magic Maze, Gods Love Dinosaurs). Following in the footsteps of Just One and So Clover, Fun Facts is a cooperative party game that also uses custom dry erase plastic pieces. They are arrow/chevron-shaped, and they will be placed next to each other throughout the rounds of the game. A question is asked, for example, "How long is the perfect nap?", and players will write their numeric answer on one side of the chevron and their name on the other. Then players take turns placing their chevron on the table, putting them higher, lower, or in between the other players' pieces. Then the answers are revealed, and the group scores based on how well they collectively placed their answers. 

Fun Facts plays 4-8 players, 30 minutes, and ages 8+. It is listed as a 2022 release. 

Jordan is a contributor at the Dice Tower, and has provided segments for Board Game Breakfast for many years. In life, Jordan loves ice cream, all things Star Wars, and when his dog just leaves him alone (also board games).