Joey Games Hopping Onto the Board Gaming Scene

June 27, 2022 - 12:23pm

Joey Games, a new board gaming company founded by Phil and Meredith Walker-Harding, has launched a Kickstarter campaign to help get the company on its feet and release its first three games: Busy Beaks, Scribbly Gum, and Pass the Party Food, which have all be designed by Phil Walker-Harding.

  • Busy Beaks, with artwork provided by Sarah Allen, is a colorful card game in which the players collect bird cards and gather them into flocks to score points.  The game supports 2-4 players, ages 10 and up, in 30 minutes;

  • Scribbly Gum, illustrated by Meredith Walker-Harding, is a drawing game about Australia’s iconic scribbly gum trees.  The game is for 1 or more players, ages 6 and up, in about 20 minutes; and,

  • Pass the Party Food, illustrated by Meredith Walker-Harding, is a cooperative game about classic Australian party food.  The game is for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up, in 30 minutes.

Joey Games was founded to responsibly celebrate the culture of Australia, and operates on the lands of the Gadigal People of the Eora Nation. The Kickstarter campaign has about 2 weeks to go at the time of this writing.  There are multiple pledge levels and game add-ons available.  For further information on the Kickstarter campaign, be sure and check the website here.