Joan of Arc out to prove the pen is mightier in Orléans Draw & Write

June 15, 2022 - 3:20pm

Kennerspiel nominee Orléans is getting the ____ & write treatment with the upcoming release Joan of Arc: Orléans Draw & Write. The new release will attempt to distill the essence of the acclaimed bag-builder down to a 30-45 minute game for one to five players. Gain followers as you travel the country, or take on the titular heroine in a solo game. Each round, players draw follower tokens from their bag. They then take turns selecting a drawn follower and performing the corresponding action, until all of the drawn follower tokens have been chosen. Players get to drain their bag of tokens one time per player, amounting to 25 turns each. Followers will enable you to travel, collect goods, construct buildings, setup trading posts, earn coins, and perform charitable deeds. The follower actions create a variety of ways to score points, and the player scoring the most points is the winner.

 Joan of Arc: Orléans Draw & Write is designed by Ryan Hendrickson and Reiner Stockhausen, the original designer of Orléans. The art in both games is by ubiquitous euro illustrator Klemens Franz. Look for publisher dlp games to debut Joan of Arc: Orléans Draw & Write at Essen 2022.