Itten Games crowdfunds the Funbrick Series of mini games

October 25, 2022 - 11:58pm

The Japanese publisher Itten Games is famous for clever, physically quirky board games, including Tokyo Highway, Crash Octopus, Moon Base, and the legendary Stonehenge and the Sun. Which includes a pendulum you hang from the ceiling. Itten is now crowdfunding a set of 6 small “anytime” games referred to as the Funbrick Series.

3 Second Try by Daichi Chihara and Masayuki Ikegami has players completing mental or physical challenges in under 3 seconds, and comes with a unique rolling ball timer.

In Stick Collection by Yoshihisa Itsubaki, players bid for sticks looking for pairs that are exactly 5mm different in length.

Ninja Master by Reiner Knizia is a real-time dice rolling title, where players quickly grab ninja and sword dice. Use your Ninja Skills to trick your opponents, while trying to balance their offense and defense.

In Judge Domino by Tsukii Yosuke, players take turns adding different sized Domino tiles to a line, then wager on whether the entire line of Dominos will fall over or not when the end is pushed.

And finally, Viking See Saw, also by Reiner Knizia, centers around a ship model on a fulcrum. Players race to place their “luggage” on the ship, trying not to let it tip - that earns you a penalty chest. Each of the luggage pieces is made of a different material, such as acrylic, brass, aluminum, or wood, so it's hard to judge how or when the ship will lose balance.

The Kickstarter Campaign for the Funbrick Series of games continues through November 24.


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