It's a Small World, without the line

May 6, 2021 - 10:26am

Funko Games is releasing a kids game based on the Disney Parks attraction It's a Small World. In Disney It's a Small World, 2-6 players work in two teams or cooperatively to match cards from their hands with figures depicted in the scenes of the 3D game board. 

The flat part of the game board depicts a winding river with boat spaces that have variable card values. Each team has a boat that moves one space at a time along the river and then draws the number of cards on the boat space they land on. The 3D portion of the game board consists of large double-sided standees in an X shape that show displays from the It's a Small World ride. From each boat space, the boat can see 4 of the 16 displays. The displays show charming kids and animals. The cards that players draw each has one of the kids or animals. Players score by matching cards from their hands with figures their boat can see in the display. 

It appears no soundtrack from the ride is included with the game. This is the second boardgame based on It's a Small World. There also was a 1967 release by Parker Brothers.