IELLO Announces New Releases for June and July

May 6, 2020 - 2:39pm

IELLO, publisher of King of Tokyo, has announced three new family-weight games for release in June and July this year.

Superfly is a game of competitive fly-swatting.  The game begins with a number of cards being laid out on the table.  On the count of '3', players use their die-filled flyswatter to smack the card of their choice.  If the player is the only one to smash a given card, then it is theirs.  If multiple players swat a card, then whoever 'rolled' the highest number with the die in their flyswatter wins the card, unless the number rolled matches the number on the card, in which case no one gets the card and it is removed from play!  Once any player has collected five cards, the round ends and players compare hands.  Whoever has the largest collection of cards, either all in the same color, all with the same number, or non-identical cards, wins the round and is awarded a fly-hunter token.  The game contines until a player wins by being the first to collect three fly-hunter tokens.  Superfly is for 3-5 players ages six and up. 

Flash 8 (Ah-AHHH! Sorry) is a quick paced game of elections and currents.  Based on an older classic, players are tasked with replicating a configuration while also frustrating their opponents, in real time!  The first player to replicate the configuration is the winner.  This game take 1-4 players at ages 7+ and plays in about 15 minutes.

Finally, Mia London is a deduction game that gives off similar vibes to the Milton-Bradley classic Guess Who?  Players flip through accessories belonging to various scoundrels.  However, the accessories belong to the scoundrel the players are trying to catch only appear once.  Players identify which accessories they belive belong to the scoundrel in their own booklet.  The winner is the player who correctly identifies the most accessories belonging to the scoundrel.  Mia London takes 2-4 players ages 5 and up and plays in about 10 minutes.

More information about these upcoming releases can be found here.

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