Iello announces new edition of social deduction game Time Bomb Evolution

March 4, 2020 - 1:07am

Moriarty has now planted bombs in several London monuments and Sherlock Holmes’ team must defuse them all! But beware: each defusing now triggers unexpected effects, and you will more than ever question the secret identity of the other players!

Time Bomb (2016) by designer 佐藤 雄介 (Yusuke Sato) is a social deduction game in which players are divided into two teams, led by Sherlock Holmes and Moriarty. Players then use cards from their hand to try to either defuse or activate THE BOMB. Cards trigger actions that can then help or hurt progress. After 4 rounds, either Sherlock wins by defusing the bomb, or Moriarty succeeds in blowing up Big Ben.

Iello has just announced a new edition of Time Bomb Evolution, again by Yusuke Sato. In Evolution, players have a hand of cards placed face down in front of them. Each turn, a player reveals a card in front of another player. If all of the SUCCESS cards are revealed, Sherlock Holmes’ team wins. The other type of card is a Threat Card, which is activated according to its color. Moriarty’s team wins if 4 threat cards of the same color are revealed. Players can discuss as a team which cards they want to reveal, but who can you trust? Time Bomb Evolution comes with 16 Character Cards, 36 Wire Cards, 6 Number Cards, tokens and team cards. Look for Time Bomb Evolution in stores in May 2020. For more information, check out Iello’s web page here.

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