IELLO announces 2 player Reiner Knizia game Royal Visit

July 5, 2020 - 1:06am

“The valley is in turmoil: The King is on his way! What a pride it would be for your lineage to have the King’s court taking a break in your castle! Use the powers of the wizard and the fool to attract the king to your domain, and become a legend in the valley!”

IELLO has just announced Royal Visit, a reprint of the 2-player Kosmos game Times Square (2006) by master designer Reiner Knizia. Royal Visit is a tug of war along a 17-space board, with each player trying to coerce the King toward their own castle at the ends of the track. The King starts in the middle, along with the Jester, the Wizard and the two Guards. Players manipulate these characters along the track by playing colored cards, however each character influences the others. For instance, the King must stay between his two Guards. It takes clever card play and subtle strategy to coax the King to your castle, and emerge victorious.

Look for Royal Visit coming to retail this September. The game, which plays in about 30 minutes, comes with 5 wooden character pawns, 1 wooden crown token, 54 cards, board and rulebook. For more information, check out IELLO’s webpage here.

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