Humanature starts KS campaign for social game Outta Our Shells

March 17, 2020 - 7:49pm

“Have you ever been sitting around at home with family, or maybe with friends at dinner and... maybe one or two people did all the talking, while others were left out… or you hung out with friends at work and... or maybe or sat at home with a loved one, or went on a date and... The crazy thing is... every one of us is a UNIVERSE of stories and interesting surprises! But we all seem to have an invisible bubble around us, and we stay at a distance.”

Humanature Studios and Greg Johnson, the masterminds behind Doki Doki Universe and the classic Toe Jam and Earl video games has a new social card game currently seeking funding on Kickstarter. Outta Our Shells is a social party game, meant to break the ice and get strangers talking. In Outta Our Shells, players start with 3 fortune cards, which can be incredibly good (“You have psychic abilities”) or laughably bad (“You have an obsessive love of mosquitos”). Players read their fortunes, and pretty much laugh at the absurdity. Over the next 3 rounds, the players use various cards and tasks to discard and replace their fortunes, aiming to keep the best 3. Cat or Rat Cards challenge players to pick from a this-or-that list of items, sparking conversation about comparisons, such as “Amsterdam or Tokyo?” Question Cards are simply that – a question to ask out loud and challenge the group: “Have you ever seen a ghost?” After 3 rounds, players talk about their collected fortunes.

The Kickstarter Campaign for Outta Our Shells continues through April 9, and the game is expected to ship to backers in September 2020.

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