Home Sweet Home (or Not)

June 15, 2022 - 3:01pm

Devir Games has announced a new cooperative game, Home Sweet Home (or Not).  The game is designed by Paul Peterson, the designer of Smash Up.  The artwork for the game is provided by Álex SantalóHome Sweet Home (or Not) is designed for 2-5 players, ages 8 and up, and plays in about 30 minutes.

Home Sweet Home (or Not) is a cooperative game in which the players work together to clean up their house quickly while trying to finish one of five missions that come with the game.  The missions for the game each need a different layout of the house, so the board is modular in its design.  The game also features a pick up and deliver mechanism.

Home Sweet Home (or Not) is due for release to retail in September 2022.