Holy Grail Games announces real time train game Railroad Madness

July 3, 2022 - 6:00pm

Holy Grail Games has announced a new real time dexterity game by designers Olivier Grégoire and Geoffroy Simon, Railroad Madness. Players use plastic 2-car trains with rolling wheels to pick up and deliver passengers, but only during a limited 15 second period of real-time. The passengers are discs, which need to be stacked on the train. If they fall off, or if the train falls over, it takes time to reset. If you pass another player's station, you need to yell “Ding Ding!” and put a coin in that player's strong box. Money can be used to upgrade stations, generating more passengers, to earn more money. The actual dexterity element in Railroad Madness is a little unclear at this point, but players will likely push or flick their trains, trying to stay within printed railroad tracks on game tiles.

Railroad Madness is scheduled to crowdfund in 2023.

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