HeroQuest's new wave gets a Frozen Horror expansion

August 6, 2022 - 10:41am

Avalon Hill is brining more content to their revitalization of HeroQuest with the first expansion, HeroQuest: The Frozen HorrorHeroQuest, the dice chucking dungeon crawler, was originally published in 1989. For many years it was out of print and commanding exorbitant prices on the second-hand market. The game was brought back in 2021 through Hasbro's internal crowdfunding program, Hasbro Pulse.

HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror re-implements the HeroQuest: Barbarian Quest Pack, originally published in 1992. In HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror, the barbarian hero embarks on a quest to defeat the evil frozen horror deep within its icy mountain lair. The expansion comes with ten quests. Initially, the barbarian must complete solo quests, after which other heroes can join the fight. The base game is required for play. The expansion comes with a red barbarian miniature, light blue monster miniatures for the frozen horror, yetis, ice gremlins, and polar warbears, and gray miniatures for mercenaries. 

HeroQuest: The Frozen Horror is available to order through Hasbro Pulse