Help construct the Alhambra in Sabika

July 15, 2022 - 4:38pm

Sabika by publisher Ludonova is a new title by Bitoku designer Germán P. Millán with artwork by Laura Bevon.

In Sabika*, players take on the role of Nasrid nobles helping to construct the Alhambra monument in Granada, Spain by building towers, gardens, and the palaces. Sabika has a three-tiered interrelated rondel system, with each tier of the rondel representing a different function: Construction of the palace and gardens, carving poems into its halls, and income gathering via trade route establishment.

*Fun fact: Sabika is the name of the hill on which the Alhambra was constructed.

Sabika supports 1-4 players, ages 14+, and has an estimated playtime of 60-120 minutes. Sabika is scheduled to be released at Essen Spiel in 2022.

Where to start? Where to start? Hmm... I like to play games? Yeah, that's brilliant. <delete><delete><delete> I'll try again later.