Hasbro loses monopoly use of the "Monopoly" trademark

June 7, 2021 - 5:54pm


Hasbro, the owner of the trademark and popular board game called Monopoly, have lost the EU legal battle to exclusively use that brand. A new decision means that they’ve lost the monopoly to use the trademark of “Monopoly” as is in a board game as the EU General Court found its filing strategy was designed to avoid proving its genuine use, a key requirement for a trademark filing.

The owner of a trademark has to prove genuine use five years after the mark was registered and granted by the EUIPO and can be invalidated under EU law.

Hasbro appealed to the General Court, arguing that Monopoly was “so famous that it would be fanciful to suggest it has not used the trademark in connection with games”.

The ruling came after a lawsuit filed by Croatian board game seller of the Drinkopoly board game, Kreativni Događaji, sought the invalidation of an EU "Monopoly" trademark registered in 2011. The court also ordered Hasbro to pay legal costs incurred by Kreativni Događaji during proceedings before the EUIPO.

For more information view the original article at World IP Review and more information on the Wiggin site.

Antoine Fortuin

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