Hasbro and Pandora have made you a custom playlist for your family games

May 19, 2020 - 11:14pm

Do you like listening to music while you play board games? Maybe selecting some oddly appropriate tunes to some of your favorites, like "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel while playing Flash Point: Fire Rescue, or "We Built This City" by Starship when playing Suburbia?  Hasbro likes this idea too, and has made for you a special Pandora playlist for each of their most popular games. It's very easy to startup too - simply visit this link, select the game, log into or make your Pandora account, and hit play!

     "During this time of extended family togetherness, Hasbro and Pandora have teamed up to create Bring Home the Fun with Sound On, curating the ultimate listening experiences to play with your favorite games like Monopoly, Operation, Battleship, and more. Each Pandora playlist will feature a thematic list of songs for each of the 12 games, so you can perfectly soundtrack your next game night with music from artists like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, AC/DC, Justin Bieber and Prince."

I appreciate the attention to themes Hasbro has done for this, and it's just silly fun. It brings out a smile and a laugh to hear "Sink To The Bottom" from Fountains of Wayne while playing Battleship, or to sing along to "Steady As She Goes" from The Raconteurs when you're opponent is focusing on a Jenga stack. And who knows, maybe listening to some of these will inspire funny new music accompaniments to other games, too! Have fun, be safe, keep rockin', and happy gaming!

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