Hack & Slash: roll dice to complete quests

January 9, 2021 - 2:43pm

Steve Jackson Games has announced Hack & Slash as a 2021 release. The quick game promises to deliver dice-rolling quests for the family in a quick playtime. Three to six players will choose a quest to try and complete by rolling dice. The game comes with 21 quest cards, 50 meeples, and 3 six-sided dice. The quests have diferent requirements for successful completion. 

Hack & Slash features art by Lar DeSouza. It is designed by Samuel Mitschke and Philip Reed. They are in-house executives at Steve Jackson games. They previously have collaborated on other SJG designs, such as Mars Attacks: The Dice Game. Hack & Slash is currently available for preorder from retail outlets, with an anticipated release in February 2021.