Hachette screams Olé Guacamolé

October 17, 2022 - 5:13pm

Coming from Le Scorpion Masqué and parent company Hachette is the party word game Olé Guacamolé from designer Guillaume Sandance. In Ole Guacamole, players attempt to come up with a word related to a clue topic inside of 12 seconds. However, forbidden letters are listed on Avocado cards. For example, can you come up with a work related to "Mexico", but not containing V, T, O, or D? Each turn, more cards with more forbidden letters are revealed. Name an on-topic word and it moves to the next player's turn, but if you fail, you take all the letter cards. The player with the fewest cards at games end wins.

Olé Guacamolé was originally released in French in 2021, and will be seeing an English release on October 19, 2022.

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