Hachette gives video sneak preview into 2023 releases

December 16, 2022 - 11:56pm

North American Marketing Manager Danni Loe gave a livestream presentation from Hachette Boardgames which included many game and expansion announcements from the publisher. Hachette is a conglomerate of many French and French-Canadian game companies, so numerous studios have releases noted here.

Gigamic Games, known for beautiful wooden abstract games such as Quarto and Pylos, has announced Qawale, coming in February. Qawale is a mancala-like game of moving wooden pebbles over a 4x4 board. The first player lining up 4 pebbles of their color from top view wins the game.

The clever card game Vaalbara by Olivier Cipière is coming in April from Studio H. All players have the same hand of 12 cards, representing their tribe members. They then need to play cards in the right order to activate powers and take over territories. Vivarium by Frédéric Vuagnat is a domino-driven card collection game. Played dominoes translate into coordinates on the main board, from which players can take cards. After 7 rounds, the player with the best collection of creature cards wins. Vivarium should release in May.

La Boîte de Jeu sold out of the French version of Joachim Thôme’s Tribes of the Wind at Essen Spiel last October. Bring back a ruined world by planting forests, building villages and temples, and decontaminating surrounding areas. Gameplay involves playing cards for actions, which depend on certain criteria – the cards in your hand, cards in opponents’ hands, or the two combined. Collected resources can be spent on the players’ boards to improve the land, move windriders, and create villages. Tribes of the Wind should release in May.

GRRRE Games, the publisher behind the popular Nidavellir, has announced Rauha by Johannes Goupy and Théo Rivière. As venerable shamans, the players work to shape and create a new world. Ruaha is a card-driven game of matching icons and tableau building. Rauha is coming this June.

An expansion is coming for Oltréé by Antoine Bauza and John Grümph, which was the first release from Studio H in 2021. The Undead and Alive expansion adds 3 new Chronicles to this co-operative resource and action management title in April 2023. The streamlined area control title Northgard: Uncharted Lands by Adrian Dinu is similarly getting expansions - the Wilderness and Warchiefs expansions are coming in 2023.

For details on these and more titles from all the companies within Hachette, check out Danni Loe’s video here.

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