Hachette brings Zero to 100 to English audiences

November 18, 2022 - 8:37pm

Zero to 100 by Antonin Boccara and Scorpion Masqué is getting an English language release thanks to French publishing giant Hachette. Zero to 100 is a trivia game with a twist - each player or team gets 6 question cards, the answer to which is a number from 0 to 100. Play is started with a “50” card in the middle of the table, and each team needs to pick one of their questions that they feel has an answer closest to the target of 50. The winner gets to discard their question, while the losers must draw new cards. And the first to run out of cards wins. The winning card from the first question becomes the new target number for the next question. Zero to 100 releases in early December.

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