Grey Fox Games puts virus fighting, real time, dexterity game For Science! on KS

April 21, 2020 - 7:50pm

“You were never supposed to be the ones standing between the Earth and viral annihilation. So many other groups were better connected, better funded, better equipped, and had much nicer glossy brochures.”

Grey Fox Games and designer R. Eric Reuss (Spirit Island) have a new Kickstarter Campaign for the real time dexterity game For Science! In For Science, 1-6 players work together to design, then build cures for diseases, all within a 15 minute time limit. Players take on various roles, with special powers during some or all of these stages. If the players can gain true insight into the diseases, they can assemble a master cure, and emerge victorious. FOR SCIENCE!

First, the players use cards to design a cure, paying attention to the disease card and any mutations. The cards have varied converging and diverging linear tracks, connecting different shapes together, card after card. Next, the players need to build the 3-dimensional tower of wooden blocks described on their assembled cards. Pieces connected by lines need to touch in the build, while pieces not connected by lines must not touch. These structures, built of cylinders, triangles, bricks and various half-moons, can end up 5 or 6 pieces tall, and 2 or 3 pieces wide. Once the cure is built successfully, it earns a certain amount of knowledge and research, which can be spent on master cure tile pieces. These tiles have colored blobs, which need to match across tiles. As the master cure is assembled from these tiles, the players earn more insight, until enough insight is accumulated, and the players win.

The For Science! Kickstarter Campaign is scheduled to continue through May 1, and the game should deliver to backers in December 2020. For Science! will come with 36 full size color wooden blocks (6 of each shape), and another 36 shapes in monochrome for increased difficulty. Also included are Game, Wasted Research, and Deck Storage boards, 12 unique role cards, 20 unique disease cards, 60 unique design cards, 25 event cards, 25 mutation cards, and 70 master cure tiles. A Sci Hard expansion is available with a new shape block, more roles, mutations, events and diseases.

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