Grey Fox extends Reavers of Midgard and predicts Prophets of Doom

July 21, 2022 - 10:58pm

Grey Fox Games had their share of announcements during the Summer Spectacular, starting with Prophets of Doom by Hassan Lopez. You are a prophet, trying to get your very own doomsday cult off the ground. The problem is, you know for certain the world is ending, but you really have no clue how. Build a compound, attract followers, and complete projects, trying to piece together the end of the world. Just so you can better survive it. Live on in fame or infamy in the doomed world. Prophets of Doom is scheduled to crowdfund in Q1 2023. 

Additionally, Grey Fox announced the first expansion to their 2019 hit by J.B. Howell, Reavers of Midgard. Visit a new location and pay tribute to the Norse Gods, imploring them to join your crew. The expansion includes new Reavers, border dice, Valkyrie tokens, artifacts, prophecies, and more. The Norn now add value to players’ prophecies, a wandering hero tempts players to specific locations, and a dark evil blocks prized locations. The expansion to Reavers of Midgard is expected to crowdfund in late 2022. 


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