Great Western Trail: Argentina will debut at Essen 2022

June 2, 2022 - 1:29pm

Great Western Trail (Second Edition) by designer Alexander Pfister is in the midst of a three stage world tour. The trilogy includes three similar games, each with their own spin on the core mechanics of 2016's Great Western Trail, and each set in a different locale. The first revised entry in the trilogy, released in 2021, revisited the original Texas to Kansas City trail from the first edition of Great Western Trail. Publisher Eggertspiele has now announced that the second entry in the series, Great Western Trail: Argentina, will debut at Essen 2022 this October. The third stop in the world tour will be Great Western Trail: New Zealand scheduled to release in late 2023.

In Great Western Trail: Argentina, one to four players each own an estancia in Argentina and must drive their cattle across the plains of the Pampas to the train station in Buenos Aires. The mechanisms compared to the first entry in the trilogy will be both familiar and novel. The rondel, deck management, and player board upgrades from Great Western Trail (Second Edition) are making the trip to South America. There are also new local delicacies to try. The player board features a new type of worker, farmers. The game board has alternate paths, giving players more choices for how they traverse the Pampas. The game board paths also have shortcuts you can unlock to reach your destination faster. Once you deliver your cattle to the train station, you will be able to claim boat and city tiles, utilized by a new resource, Grain. There will also be a new wrinkle to the deck management in the form of exhaustion cards. The game additionally includes Pedro, a solo AI, you can compete against. 

All three games in the trilogy are designed by Alexander Pfister, with art by Chris Quilliams