From The Great British Bake-Off to a co-op card game

September 21, 2021 - 9:45pm

Kim Joy's Magic Bakery Header

Skybound Games is publishing Kim Joy's Magic Bakery, a cooperative card game featuring Kim-Joy Hewlett, a finalist on the ninth season of The Great British Bake-Off who currently writes a baking column for the British newspaper The Guardian. In the game, two to five players will work together to fulfill the orders of as many of the seven customers as possible that visit the bakery each scenario. Each customer has a food order the players will create by accumulating ingredient cards and layer cards. Layers are baked using ingredients. The layer supply is fixed, while the ingredient supply consists of five cards at a time available from the Pantry deck. On each player's turn, they take 2 or 3 actions depending on player count. The possible actions are: 

  • Take an ingredient card from one of the five face up cards available or draw the top card of the facedown Pantry deck,
  • Pass an ingredient card or a layer card to another player,
  • Bake a layer by discarding the required ingredient cards from their hand, 
  • Fulfill a customers order by discarding the necessary ingredients and layers from their hand, or
  • Discard the available ingredient supply cards and refresh the supply with five ingredient cards from the Pantry deck.

At the end of each round, a new customer enters the bakery, pushing all existing customer cards to the right. If this push results in the rightmost customer being four spaces from the customer deck, that customer will leave the baker unfulfilled. Some customer order cards have an optional garnish that can be added to the order for bonus points. The game comes with ten scenarios that get progressively more difficult and feature a thematic wrinkle for the gameplay. The scenarios have score targets. You can modify the difficulty of the scenarios by adjusting the number of Helpful Duck cards in the Pantry deck. Helpful Ducks are wild cards that can count as any ingredient. 

Kim-Joy Hewlett was a creative consultant on the game, and she is depicted as the first player standee. Kim Joy's Magic Bakery is designed by Brian Kepner. It features delightful art by Linda van den Berg. Kim Joy's Magic Bakery is scheduled for a retail release this fall.