Go Euro-X in Brazil: Imperial

March 26, 2022 - 12:08pm

Portal Games will co-publish the English edition of Brazil: Imperial. This euro-X game blends resource management with the 4X tenets of explore, expand, exploit, and exterminate. One to four players will choose from a pool of 10 monarchs, each with their own variable player powers. The modular board can be setup in eight different scenarios, featuring different areas of Brazil, and players will attempt to gain the support of historical figures in 16th-19th century Brazil. Each scenario is played over three Eras. Players will receive Mission cards in each Era, and when the first Mission card of the current Era is completed, the game will progress. The end of the game is triggered when the first third Era Mission is completed. The player with the most victory points in the winner, and victory points can be accumulated in a variety of ways. This allows players to focus on different elements of the gameplay in their pursuit of victory. 

Each round consists of an Action Phase and a Movement Phase. In the Action Phase, players can choose from one of seven different actions. Actions can be upgraded during the game, providing different paths to explore and an evolving arc to the gameplay. 

Brazil: Imperial is designed by Zé Mendes, with art by Carlos Eduardo JustinoVinicius Menezes, and Tom Ventre. It was originally published by MeepleBR in 2021. The English edition being released by Portal Games is scheduled for a retail release in Q3 2022.