Gloomhaven Fan Made Expansion Available

June 14, 2022 - 3:58pm

The fan made expansion, Gloomhaven Crimson Scales, is now available on a not-for-profit basisCephalofair's original game was designed by Isaac Childres, who has released the original Gloomhaven’s assets under a Creative Commons license.  The new expansion grew out of a Discord server group, where fans would post custom-made content for the board game, including homebrewed scenarios and characters.

A number of fan-made characters and scenarios created by designer Motti Eisenbach were woven together by a story, which continued to grow into a full-fledged expansion with brand new character classes, items, and more. Eventually, the original game’s illustrator, Alexandr Elichev was commissioned to do original artwork for the game’s cards and components, including 100 new items.

The Crimson Scales scenarios have now garnered enough enthusiasm among the community that its creators decided to produce a physical print run of the fan-made expansion, offering the $119 set on a not-for-profit basis to abide by Childres’ Creative Commons licence, although the entire thing can be downloaded for free for those interested (see here).  The Crimson Scales scenarios are written as a continuation of the story of the original game - there are 66 new scenarios along with 120 smaller events that players can encounter.  For further information on this fan made expansion, please check the official website here.