Gloomhaven Digital is coming to consoles

May 21, 2022 - 10:38am

Asmodee Digital and Saber Interactive have announced that the digital adaptation of Gloomhaven, developed by Flaming Fowl Studios, is coming to consoles in 2023. The announcement video does not specify which consoles. This faithful port of the acclaimed dungeon crawler currently is available on Steam, and just added Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion as DLC content. 

In Gloomhaven, players lead a group of mercenaries through scenarios littered with enemies. Each mercenary has their own unique pool of action cards, from which they will select to bring 8 to 12 cards, set for each mercenary, into a scenario. Each card has a top half and a bottom half, as well as an initiative value from 1 to 99. Each round, players will select two action cards for their mercenary and pick one of the two cards to use for their initiative value. Each enemy type has their own deck of action cards, and one is revealed each round to determine their initiative and their actions. On a player's turn, they will perform the action(s) on the top half of one of their two selected action cards, and the action(s) on the bottom half of the other card. Players cannot announce their specific initiative number before the reveal, which creates uncertainty in the turn order among the mercenaries and between the mercenaries and the enemies. When a mercenary attacks, they draw a card from their individual attack modifier deck. Enemy attacks are affected by a collective enemy attack modifier deck. Players will lose access to a card in order to reclaim their discarded cards or as an alternative to taking damage, which may be necessary to avoid being exhausted (eliminated from the scenario). Each scenario has a collective victory condition, and each mercenary will have a secret objective. Each scenario scales based on the number of mercenaries and their average level. As players progress through scenarios, they will gain access to more powerful action cards, improve their attack modifier deck, be able to enhance their action cards through enchantments, and acquire equipment. They will also unlock new mercenaries. 

The digital version of Gloomhaven allows players to experience the boardgame without the toil of setup and teardown or managing the multiple modifier decks. It also adds a Guildmaster modes with a faster mercenary unlock system and story scenario chains for each mercenary. 

The board game version of Gloomhaven is published by Cephalofair Games and designed by Isaac Childres. It's highly anticipated sequel, Frosthaven, is scheduled to reach Kickstarter backers later this year.