Gamezenter, Inc. Acquires the Fantasy Flight Games Center

May 1, 2021 - 10:49am


Gamezenter, Inc., a new company owned by Christian T. Petersen, the founder of Fantasy Flight Games, has acquired the Fantasy Flight Games Center from Asmodee North America Inc.  Gamezenter is a newly-formed retail and event entity specializing in the tabletop gaming hobby, and related fields.  Petersen founded Fantasy Flight Games in 1995 and opened the Fantasy Flight Games Center in 1999.  Both Fantasy Flight Games and the Game Center were sold to the Paris-based Asmodee Group back in 2014.

"I'm very excited to continue my involvement with this special place. Despite the devastation that COVID-19 has wracked upon our world and on many tabletop game retailers, I strongly believe that our tabletop gaming community is eager to again share great gaming experiences face-to-face. We hope to make this destination an even more amazing place in the future." -Christian Petersen

The Fantasy Flight Games Center has become a staple of the gaming scene in Roseville, Minnesota and its surrounding communities.  The Games Center has 17,000 square feet of tabletop retail, event, and food space.