Galactic Renaissance, from the designer and publisher that brought you Inis

June 24, 2022 - 12:47pm

Designer Christian Martinez and publisher Matagot previously teamed up to release Inis in 2016. Inis is a drafting, area majority game where players compete to achieve one of three different victory conditions. Matagot has dubbed Inis the first installment of their "Political Trilogy", and the second is going to be Galactic Renaissance, projected to release in Q1 2023.  

Galactic Renaissance will use mechanisms reminiscent of Inis (action drafting, area majority, modular board) in a sci-fi setting. One to four players will lead factions to explore planets, reconnect with lost civilizations, and expand their influence by building embassies. So, generally attempt to sow disorder in the opposing factions. Using deck building, players will start with a core deck of cards, then add unique specialists to aid in the pursuit of victory points. Multiple players can send emissaries to the same planet to compete over which faction the planet will join. 

The art in Galactic Renaissance will be by Tano Bonfanti. On Matagot's website, you can sign up to receive more details on Galactic Renaissance as they release.