Funhill Games introduces another Faith-based Game on KS

April 15, 2020 - 10:43pm

Anyone familiar with any of Funhill Games' previous releases (Wisdom of Solmon and Kings of Israel) will be really excited about their latest release (now on Kickstarter) - Disciple Detective - designed by Lance Hill.

Disciple Detective is a faith-based game (as its predecessors) deduction game in which you are guessing disciples. Especially exciting to this game is the fact that it comes with erasable markers and writeable/erasable cards to make replayability easy and eliminate the need of storing or replacing sheets.

Game-play-wise, the game is interesting in that it has you guessing traits and different disciples have different quirks. For example, Judas will lie about his traits while James and John always want to be first and second when ordered while Peter, on the other hand, will run to the end of the line when ordered.

"In addition to the cooperative version of Disciple Detective, there is also a competitive version where each player has their own group of Disciples to deduce before the other players figure out their own.  Players actions are similar to the cooperative version except clues are received instead of given.  The first player to deduce their starting group of Disciples wins!"

Disciple Detective is only on Kickstarter for 5 more days. You can find out more by clicking here.