Front Porch Classics launches a line of Guinness Pub Games for the Holidays

December 16, 2019 - 12:14pm

Front Porch Classics, a brand under University Games that produces higher end games for play anywhere, have announced a line of games featuring the popular Guinness beer company.  The four games that will be released are World's 20 Best Dice Games, Liar's Dice, Shut the Box, and Epic Coaster Game.

World's 20 Best Dice Games is a compilation of different dice games like Farkl, Letter Rip, Bowling Dice, and more all in one package.  Included are the score pads needed, some pencils, and 20 solid wood dice to play any of 20 games with, all in a sleek black box stamped with the Guinness logo.

Liar's Dice plays like the original where you are trying to out-bluff everyone at the table by guessing how many of a specific number everyone has rolled, while only having what you rolled as a starting point.  Once someones calls the bluf you all reveal your dice to see who was right, with the loser having to get rid of a die and getting one step closer to elimination.  Last one standing is the winner.

Shut the Box is the next game and is all about the choices you make with what you just rolled.  In the game you will have numbers 1 thru 9 flipped up, and on each turn you will roll the dice and flip down numbers based on the roll.  You can flip down one number that equals the total of the two dice (so on a roll of 2 and 5 you could flip down the 7), or you can flip down any two numbers that add up to the total of the two dice (so if you rolled 5 and 2, you could flip down 3 and 4, 1 and 6, or 2 and 5 since they all add up to 7).  The trick is that you always have to flip something down each turn so the choices get harder the farther you go, and if you manage to flip down all the number you win.

And finally we have the Epic Coaster Game, another compilation of games that utilize coasters as their main game piece.  These are simple party games doing things like tossing coasters into the box from 10 feet away, trying to walk 20 feet with a coaster balanced on your head, or building a pyramid out of coasters.  But even if the games don't interest you, you still get a set of 20 coasters that feature advertising artwork from over the past 100 years of Guinness advertising.

While the games included in the line aren't new or inovative, sometimes you just want something simple to play around the table while you are waiting for your drinks to arrive, with an added bonus if you like Guinness.  You can find these games today at your local department stores that carry games like Target or Walmart.

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